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Ark Healing Rooms

Ark Healing Rooms with Keith McKinnon & Ark Healing Rooms Team. 

Why healing rooms?

Ever wondered why things aren’t how you expected things to be in this life? 


Jesus said He came so that we could have life and life to the full (John 10:10). 

So why are many of us not experiencing life to the full?


Sometimes we need a little help, and at times our community can be unforgiving.  Every person has a battle they must overcome in life, and many today are overwhelmed and have lost faith in God and themselves to see their personal victories. 


What is Ark Healing Rooms?


Ark Healing Rooms are a safe place where all people can receive prayer for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.  Our experienced and trained facilitators rely on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to bring healing.  Ark healing rooms is an alternative approach to dealing with everyday issues that we all struggle with.  We are not a counselling service, but we will journey with you and seek the divine solution that you are looking for.


What types of things do people come and see us about?

·         Physical healing

·         Personal trauma

·         Life direction

·          Hearing from God

·         Unanswered prayer

·         Encouragement for your current season

·         Anxiety and depression

·         Addiction and habit patterns

·         Grief and loss

·         Emotional healing

·         Spiritual healing

We do encourage people to talk to their doctor or seek professional assistance where needed.


Ark healing rooms follows Healing Rooms Australia model that has had success in all the areas listed above (and more) throughout the world.


Ark healing rooms is a confidential service (except in the case of causing trauma to an underage person).


Who are we?


At Ark ministries, our mission is to “Set the captive Free”, it is church done differently, we have partnered with Healing Rooms Australia to provide a service to our community both locally and internationally to fulfill the mission of our church.  Offering both face to face and Zoom healing rooms.  


We are a team of volunteers, who have all been trained in Healing Rooms Australia and have continued training in Ark Healing Rooms to keep current. Our team facilitators have extensive experience in healing rooms.


Our Goal is to serve the Cairns and beyond communities and bring healing to all who want it.  We do this in the belief we can bring Holy Spirit healing to people who are in need. 


What do I expect?


Everyone is a bit nervous on their first visit, they don’t know what to expect.  A bit worried that God will reveal their inner secrets to others.  That isn’t the case, there is no condemnation or judgement, it is confidential.  The reason the volunteers love this ministry so much is that people generally walk away from their healing rooms time with a smile on their face and weight lifted from them.  As a Healing Rooms volunteer, we love seeing the healing power of God work in people’s lives and have seen many people’s lives changed for the better.  Come in for an appointment you won’t be disappointed.


Ark Healing Rooms Corporate


Would you like Ark Healing rooms to run a Wellbeing program in your school or business?


Can you see a need for a Healing Rooms within your church community?


Ark Healing rooms is here to serve our community. We have the potential to help your church, school, or business in areas of wellbeing, mentoring or running healing rooms within your workplace.  We have qualified trainers and experienced facilitators as part of our team of volunteers.  Why not contact us to see if we can help?


Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Keith Ark healing rooms - Cairns, Australia


Online Zoom appointments are available on Monday Night *- must be booked using our form below.

Face-to-face appointment at 343 Fearnley Street - must be booked using our form below.

The Healing Rooms are a safe place where all people can receive prayer for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. We rely on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to bring healing into every situation. Prayer times are generally around 20 minutes per person.

We have both male and female team members.

What we can pray for/over:
personal trauma
life direction
encouragement for your current season

There is no charge. It is a donation-based ministry.

Download and sign the liability form which you will need to upload below.
Click here to download the liability form

Your Age Group
How would you perfer to do the meeting/s
Do you currently attend a church?
Have you had restoration prayer previously?
What type of prayer are you seeking
Appointment Time (please read carefully)
Team Preference
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Book Appointment (FP)
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